Hydraulic 4th Cylinder

Hydraulic 4th cylinder –arm extension circuits

ND Mechanical Services Ltd are happy to supply 4th cylinder / arm extension additional pipe work circuits to suit most makes and type of hydraulic excavator. They are usually supplied to agricultural contracts and drainage boards for machines being used on weed cutting or drainage work.


Using an electrohydraulic valve to divert the operation of the bucket cylinder to the fourth hydraulic cylinder on the arm extension. With the circuit being electrically operated the normal operation of the excavator is unaffected and the machine will work as a standard machine when the arm extension is not required.


With the arm extension connected (usually by using the machine standard quick hitch) the arm extension control circuit switched on, hydraulic priority is given to the fourth hydraulic cylinder. With the addition of a dual crossline relief valve the base machine bucket ram circuit is protected from damage by using either an electric foot pedal or spare switch on the control levers the operator can control the position of the arm extension using the base machine bucket cylinder.


Please contact our sales department for all your hydraulic 4th cylinder –arm extension circuit requirements.

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