Hammer Line Kits

Hammer lines circuits

N D Mechanical Services Ltd offer hammer lines circuits to suit most make and type of machine from 360 degree excavators ranging from mini excavators to 65 ton mass excavation machines to back -hoe loaders. We can manufacture kits to suit all requirements and hammer types.

Kits are usually sized to match correctly the hydraulic hammer type pipe size and flow requirements.

Basic kits consist of in house manufactured hydraulic specification steel tubes with socket weld end terminations in either BSP male or female ends or SAE flange ends for boom and stick. All necessary tube clamps and spacer blocks, hydraulic hoses are selected to match the operating flows and pressure of the hammer specification and are fitted with any necessary hose protection of either steel armour guard or plastic ware sleeve.

Hydraulic pilot system, hydroelectric pilot control valves service line relief valves and switches etc.

CAT 345/B

Customer’s requirement is for a hammer line kit for a CAT 345/B.

N D Mechanical Services supplied and fitted a single acting hydraulic circuit which would have pipe work large enough to suit most hammers fitted to CAT 345/B. Adjustable flow control on both hydraulic pumps, service line relief valve to set hammer operating pressure and the circuit would be controlled by electrical switch on right hand control lever and an isolation on/off power switch in the switch panel.

Note: Spacer blocks behind clamps to give better access to hammer connections, hoses boom to stick fitted with steel armour guard.


Note: Steel pipes down boom follow contours of existing pipe work.



Note: Pilot system controls output of both hydraulic pumps with pressure reducing circuit.



With the installation complete the circuit was flow and pressure tested for the selected hammer.