Excavator Hydraulic Rotation Line Circuits / Low Flow Circuits

ND Mechanical services ltd are suppliers of complete installation kits to suit all makes and types of hydraulic attachment requiring a specific flow and pressure to control for the rotation of an attachment, these can be used with selector grabs ,shears & concrete munchers ,they are usually controlled by electrical switches in the left control lever which send control signals to the rotation valve and also a load sensing signal to the machine control valve to supply oil flow and pressure to the rotation valve .

Using our own design of valve we have reduced the potential number of leak paths and developed a valve which will give crossline relief valve function, pressure reducing, flow control and a positive load sensing signal.


Valves are available in either 12v or 24 v


Customer’s requirement

Rotation circuit for Doosan dx 140 to control rotation function on selector grab.

N D Mechanical services ltd supplied and installed a dedicated low flow rotation circuit

Note steel pipes on stick bent to match profile of existing double acting lines ,spacer blocks behind clamps to give better access to flat face quick release couplings ,hoses boom to stick fitted with steel armour guard.


Note rubber hoses used down boom to give more compact installation on machine.


Note compact installation of rotation valve fitted under cover valve step plate.


Note electrical control box mounted behind cab for ease of access.


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